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Cellular redox processes are highly compartmentalized. On the one hand, this ensures the progression of reactions that otherwise would be incompatible to occur within the same compartment (e.g. translation and oxidative protein folding). It also allows the localized handling of reactive oxygen species, the modulation of redox signalling and stress responses. As a consequence redox communication between compartments is often tightly controlled. In this meeting, we will highlight different aspects of redox processes occurring in different cellular compartments. The meeting is targeted at redox enthusiasts and redox newcomers from students to professors, and will combine presentations from invited speakers, talks selected from submitted abstracts, and a poster session. It will thereby provide especially early career researchers a platform to present their exciting findings.

You can download the program here.

Sunday, 03.09.2023

19.00        get together "Zum Schlüssel", Bolkerstr. 41 - 47

Monday, 04.09.2023

08.30        arrival and registration

09.00        "Welcome" -  Jan Riemer & Carsten Berndt

Session 1: ER, plastids, and peroxisomes (chair: Helmut Sies)

9.15          Roberto Sitia (Milano)

9.45          Margret Bülow

10.00        Michelle Schlößer

10.15        Lisa Roxane Knoke

10.30        Stefanie Müller-Schüssele (Kaiserslautern)

11.00        short break

11.15        Linda de Bont

11.30        Marc Fransen (Leuven)

12.00        Mohamed Hussein

12.15        Johannes Herrmann

12.30        lunch

Session 2: mitochondria (chair: Marcel Deponte)

14.00        Markus Schwarzländer (Münster)

14.30        Yana Bodnar

14.45        Soni Deshwal

15.00        Vera Skafar

15.15        Alena Zíková

15.30        Nora Voegtle

15.45        break

Session 3: nucleus (chair: Nicole Schupp)

16.30        Bernd Epe (Mainz)

17.00        Christian Kroll

17.15        Avilien Dard

17.30        Daan van Soest

18.00       poster session with food and drinks

Tuesday, 05.09.2023

Session 4: cytosol and communication & secretion (chair: Guenter Schwarz)

9.00          Katrin Schröder (Frankfurt)

9.30          Julia Malo Pueyo

9.45          Kathrin Ulrich

10.00        Anna Kipp (Jena)

10.30        short break

10.45        Libero Gurrieri

11.00        Paraskevi Kritsiligkou

11.15        Jan-Ole Niemeier + Ke Zheng

11.30        Theresa Schneider

11.45        lunch

Session 5: time & space (chair: Tobias Dick)

13.15        Michel Volovitch (Paris)

13.45        Jeremy Couturier

14.00        Carlos Henriquez Olguin

14.15        Jan Riemer & Carsten Berndt

                 Awards and „Good bye“

14.30        farewell coffee